Why invest in Marlin Global

Marlin is a listed investment company established in 2007. Marlin invests in quality, growing international companies and its portfolio typically holds between 25 and 35 stocks.

Marlin offers investors:

  • Diversification and simplicity — an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of international equity investments through a single investment company.
  • Medium to long-term investment focus — Marlin has a closed-end structure, which allows the Manager to work with a consistent amount of capital enabling the portfolio to be more fully invested over the medium to longer-term.
  • Active management and expertise — a portfolio which is managed by a professional investment team with a strong track record of investing in international growth company shares.
  • Regular, tax-efficient dividends — a quarterly dividend relative to the NAV, with imputation credits attached to the fullest extent possible.
  • Manager's incentives aligned with investors — the fee structure rewards superior performance and penalises inferior performance.

Marlin shares can trade at a discount or premium to the company's NAV. Every week and at month end, the NAV is calculated and announced to the NZX. This provides shareholders with a regular, transparent valuation of their shares based on the underlying value of Marlin's portfolio.