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as at 22/11/2017
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as at 14/11/2017

How do I invest and become a shareholder?

Marlin shares are listed on the NZX Main Board and trade under ticker code “MLN”. At times, you can also choose to invest in Marlin by buying Marlin warrants. There are currently no warrants on issue.

If you would like to invest in Marlin, simply purchase shares (or warrants when they are on issue) through a sharebroker. Warrantholders need to exercise their warrants on the exercise date to convert their warrants into Marlin shares. See our warrants section for more information.

A list of NZX recommended brokers can be found here.
Marlin does not charge entry or exit fees when shareholders purchase or sell their shares or warrants. Transaction costs will be charged by a sharebroker.

Marlin offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP), whereby a shareholder may elect to receive their dividend in additional shares rather than in cash. Shares issued to shareholders under the DRP are at a 3% discount to the current market price, being the weighted average selling price on the first five days immediately following the ex-dividend date.